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Bloomington -- Indiana University


Address Indiana University

Prof. Rick Van Kooten
Department of Physics
Swain West 117
Indiana University
Bloomington IN 47405
Phone +1 (812) 855 0903
Fax +1 (812) 855 5533
e-Mail Rick Van Kooten
Vivek Jain
Research & Teaching

Research at the Department of Physics at Indiana University covers the topics of nuclear and particle physics, condensed matter, biophysics, and accelerator physics.

The particle physics program pursues a broad range of research efforts. The energy frontier is currently being explored in hadron collisions at the Tevatron (Fermilab) using the D0 detector, at the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN laboratory in Europe using the ATLAS detector, and planning for the future electron-positron International Linear Collider. In addition, our group conducts measurements of neutrino mass and mixing using the MINOS detector in Minnesota intercepting a neutrino beam from Fermilab, with future neutrino studies planned using the huge NOVA detector. In addition, our group is the lead institution in the development of the GlueX experiment at Jefferson National Laboratory, which is designed to study exotic states of hadronic matter. Finally, our group is involved in a number of astrophysics projects, including SNAP, which is a future space-based experiment designed to study the nature of 'dark energy', and CREST, which is a long-duration balloon experiment designed to study electron production in nearby supernovae remnants.

We have a strong undergraduate program in both Physics and Applied Physics, and a dynamic Ph.D. graduate program in the fields above.

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