International Particle Physics Outreach Group
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LPNHE Sorbonne Université and University Paris Cité


LPNHE UPMC and University Paris Diderot
Address LPNHE
IN2P3 - CNRS - Sorbonne Université et Université Paris Cité
4 Place Jussieu
Tour 12-22 1er etage
75252 Paris Cedex 05
Phone +33 (0) 1 44 27 63 13
e-Mail Vladimir Gligorov
e-Mail Matthew Charles

From the far reaches of the Universe to the interactions of high-energy particles, LPNHE and its fifteen research teams explore Nature across all its scales, seeking answers to some of the most profound questions about matter, energy and the Universe. What is "dark energy" and what role has it played in the evolution of the Universe? What can high-energy particles tell us about the unification of forces, and about the most extreme astrophysical phenomena? The laboratory approaches those questions through programs in different domains: astroparticle physics, cosmology, and particle physics. These are among the most exciting scientific areas in the 21st century, with the promise of major discoveries in the near future. The research division of LPNHE includes more than one hundred physicists organised in fifteen research groups. Most of these teams are involved in experimental projects as part of large international collaborations and world-class research facilities; the laboratory also includes a theoretical research group.
Currently the major experimental research programs at LPNHE concern:

  • The origin of particle masses and interactions in ATLAS, and preparation for future colliders (FCC, CALICE)
  • Matter-antimatter asymmetries in LHCb
  • Neutrino properties and precision lepton flavour physics in T2K (plus HK and NA61), and COMET
  • Dark matter searches in DAMIC, XENON and DARKSIDE
  • Energy content of the Universe in LSST, SSP, DESI, and eBOSS
  • Origin of very-high energy cosmic rays in HESS, CTA, GRAND, and the Pierre Auger Observatory.

The laboratory is a part of physics departments of two universities: Sorbonne Université and University Paris Cité.

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