International Particle Physics Outreach Group
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Buffalo -- State University of New York at Buffalo


Address University at Buffalo

Ia Iashvili
Department of Physics
339a Fronczak Hall
Buffalo NY 14260-1500
Phone +1 (716) 645 6611
Fax +1 (716) 645 2507
e-Mail Ia Iashvili
Research & Teaching

SUNY, University at Buffalo (UB) is a member of the CMS experiment -- an international collaboration of High Energy Physicists conducting research at world's highest energy proton-proton collider, LHC (Large Hadron Collider), operating at CERN (International Collaboration for Nuclear research) Geneva, Switzerland. Highest collision energies provide unprecedented opportunities to study properties of matter and interactions, and address fundamental questions such as the origin of mass, dark matter, whether there are extra dimensions of space, etc. These are just a few tantalizing issues that LHC can shed light on. UB faculty members, postdoctoral research associates and students are active members of the CMS experiment. Young members of the group have opportunity to conduct their research at CERN, coming in close contact to the frontier of science.

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