International Particle Physics Outreach Group
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Northern Illinois University


Address Prof. Dhiman Chakraborty
Department of Physics
220 LaTourette Hall
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Phone +1 (815) 753-1772
Fax +1 (815) 753-8565
e-Mail Dhiman Chakraborty
Research & Teaching

The Department of Physics at NIU has active research programs in High-Energy Physics, Accelerator and Beam Physics, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, as well as Medical Physics and Proton Therapy. The Experimental High-Energy Physics group currently consists of three full-time faculty members, four research scientists, eight Ph.D. and two MS students, and one undergraduate student. We are engaged in ongoing hadron collider experiments at the energy frontier, specifically ATLAS at CERN and D0 at Fermilab, as well as preparation for the future electron-positron International Linear Collider. Members of the group contribute to ATLAS calorimetry and software; D0 calorimetry and muon trigger systems; calorimetry & muon detector technology R&D, simulation and algorithm development for the ILC; and a number of physics studies, including those of top and bottom quarks, electroweak and Higgs sectors, QCD, and various New Phenomena scenarios, at ATLAS and D0. The group also has a strong program in generic detector technology R&D, specializing in high-resolution Particle-Flow calorimetry using plastic scintillators. We are also active in the upcoming projects at the intensity frontier as well as R&D toward a possible future muon accelerator/collider. Inquiries from prospective students are welcome.

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