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University of Hawaii at Manoa


University of Hawaii at Manoa
Address University of Hawaii at Manoa
Department of Physics
2500 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone 808-956-8111
e-Mail Veronica Bindi
Tiffany Coke
Research & Teaching

The Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Hawaii prides itself on cross-disciplinary research. The National Research Council rankings of graduate programs has placed UH Mānoa’s Physics Department in the top 12 of all US programs. The 20 full-time graduate faculty members in Physics, plus several visiting faculty members, present a balanced program of teaching and research. The major research areas are elementary particle physics, free-electron laser physics (including applications in medical physics), condensed matter physics, nano physics, particle astrophysics, with a combined annual funding of several million dollars. The High Energy Physics group is involved in diverse research activities, including AMS on the International Space Station, Belle experiment in Japan, BES experiment in China, ANITA balloon in Antartica, Double Chooz neutrino oscillation experiment in France, DarkSide dark matter experiment in Italy and more. The interests of the Particle Theory Group include neutrino physics, CP violation, heavy quark systems, precision calculations in quantum field theory, supersymmetry, grand unification, implications of extra spatial dimensions, other physics beyond the Standard Model, and implications of particle physics for cosmology and astrophysics.

Punahou School nurtures the individuality of each child within a vibrant K – 12 school community that celebrates diversity, inspires excellence and connects students for life.

The UH-Manoa physics department developed and runs the annual Physics Olympics, a program for high school students. The event is comprised of five hands-on events involving applications of physics. University of Hawaii undergraduate students design and build the events and judge them on the day of the competition.
The UH-Manoa physics department in concert with the Institute for Astronomy offer an annual Physics and Astronomy Open House, which is oriented toward high school physics students and features presentations about current physics and astronomy research as well as applications.
This year, 2015, marks the third time Punahou School has hosted a Quarknet Masterclass for students, bringing in guest speakers for key topics and working together with the particle physics faculty at UH-Manoa.
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