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QuarkNet-US Masterclass at Fermilab


Address QuarkNet Masterclass at Fermilab

c/o Kenneth Cecire
University of Notre Dame
Department of Physics
225 Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Phone +1 (574) 631-3343
Fax +1 (574) 631-3977
e-Mail Chris Stoughton, Fermilab
Research & Teaching

QuarkNet is an organization that focuses on Particle Physics research and teaching. Through QuarkNet, high school teachers and high energy particle physicists interact to study elementary particles and learn better ways to teach physics. The experiments include CDF and D0 at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (near Chicago, IL), ATLAS and CMS at CERN (near Geneva, Switzerland) as well as experiments in other parts of the United States and the world.

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