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Florida State Unversity -- Department of Physics


Address Physics Department

Florida State University
Keen Bldg., MS 4350
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Phone +001-850-644-3509
Fax +001-850-644-6735
e-Mail Horst Wahl

Research & Teaching

Florida State University is a public university located in Tallahassee, the Capital of the State of Florida. The Physics Department's   Research Program covers a wide range of topics, including experimental    and theoretical condensed matter physics, Material Science, Astrophysics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Experimental    and Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Hadronic Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics, High Energy Physics (Particle Physics), with experiments at Fermilab  and CMS at CERN in Geneva, where the properties of fundamental particles and the symmetries of our universe are studied using large particle accelerators.

The Department of Physics further has research programs for Atomic Physics, Biophysics, and has spawned the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory with which it maintains multiple connections and intense collaboration.

The Members of the Department offer a wide range of undergraduate   and graduate courses.

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