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If you want to put up your institute′s profile page, please read the following instructions:

An institute′s presentation on consists of 4 parts:

  • institute′s overview
  • research and teaching
  • outreach
  • links and downloads

If you would like to see how the institute's presentation will look like, see for example the webpage of TU Dresden

To ensure quick and easy processing of your institute's data, the following format instructions should be kept:

Formatting Tool

The easiest way to create your own profile is to use our formatting tool which can be found here.

It should be pretty self-explanatory what you have to enter in which box. You can take a look at the preview on the bottom to see if everything is displayed the right way.

If you are done press the "create HTML"-button and copy the output of the "Raw HTML"-Box into a text file or an e-mail and send it to us. The tool will not save any given data whatsoever. This way you can put together your profile without fear of submitting unfinished pages.

If you are having problems with the method above, please let us know.

Links in text

If you want to put links in your text, just write them like you would normally do in HTML.

  • <a href="">Dreamland University</a>
  • <a href="">City of Dreamland</a>

Any additional tags that are needed will be put in there automatically.


For all institutes there exist 2 sites on one in the mother tongue and a translated version in English. Please provide both versions for your institute.


From time to time a few things might change at your institute. In order to keep all the information up to date, please let us know necessary changes such as new contact persons, new phone numbers or link changes. Contact Dr. Uta Bilow in case changes are necessary.

You don't have to send a full new profile every time, if there are just minor updates, just send them in directly

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