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Information for Teachers and Educators

All material for International Masterclasses, including measurements and data, is free to use standalone and for any educational purpose, not only in the framework of International Masterclasses. If you are a teacher or an educator, you can use any material in school. The table below provides direct access to all material.

We have published two articles especially for teachers who want to join the program:
  • Global engagement in particle physics
    Uta Bilow, Ken Cecire et al.
    Global Insights, Issue 8, 04/2019
  • Join the global physics collaboration!
    Uta Bilow, Ken Cecire
    Global Insights, II/2019

  • For preparation or follow-up with your class we recommend the links at the following webpage. For each country in the menu on the left, there is a "Links" subpage that recommends resources to prepare and follow up on.

    In various countries initiatives and programs exist that might provide support, e.g. a scientific facilitator to help in the classroom:
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